Week 5


You celebrate God first in your heart through generosity with your time, talent and resources. What you plant in your life today, is what will grow in the future. When you honor God with what you have, He honors you with all He is.

Week 4


Gratitude is a super-power. When you remember all that God has done, you hope all the more in what He can do. A grateful heart expects great things from God. When you give thanks, God gives you the victory.

Week 6


Jesus has already won your greatest victory when He gave His life on the cross. As we remember Him and His sacrifice, we find strength and courage to face our obstacles. What Jesus has done for us in the past is more important than what we have done in the past.

Week 3


The biggest battle we face is to keep God number 1 in our heart and life. That’s why worship is a weapon. As you lift God up, He shakes things up, and helps you to stand firm.

Week 2


The Bible is full of wisdom. It’s not only a source of truth— it’s also a source of courage, strength and power. No matter what you’re up against, God’s Word will help you overcome.