Week 1


Prayer is not just about asking, it’s about trusting. In this message we look at The Lord’s Prayer as a model for how to pray and discover God’s provision, power and freedom in our lives.

Week 4

City Of Grace

We tend to replicate what we celebrate. In this message, we celebrate God’s grace and Central Church’s 60th Anniversary. We look to the past to be inspired to move into the future with faith.

Week 5

Dead In The Water

Distractions are everywhere, but some things are worth our attention. In this message, we pay attention to the significance of baptism and to our questions about this important step in our faith journey.

Week 2

Nothing Can Stop My Praise

When life gets hard, we wonder how long will this go on? We get lost in the what if’s. But the practice of praise can bring us back to the place where God is the biggest thing in our life once again. If nothing can stop your praise, nothing will stop your joy.