Week 1

Live By Faith

Hebrews says it is impossible to please God without faith, but how can we keep the faith when we get weary? In this message we’re encouraged that our faith is not about perfection, but practice. God will not remember your sin, but he will never forget your faith.

Week 2

Walk By Faith

Relationships can be complicated, even with God. But some simple practices can help you keep in step with the Spirit and His strength. When you walk with God you never walk alone.

Week 4

Trust By Faith

God has given us an instruction manual for building a faith that is effective and enduring. Based on Noah’s example, let us use our lives to follow His plan and construct a faith that will stand the test of time.

Week 5

Lead By Faith

We are all leaders in some way and we need to lead by faith, not by culture. Moses became a leader of Israel by his faith and we can learn from his example how to lead ourselves and others for God’s glory.

Week 6

Saved By Faith

The story of Rahab reminds us that God can transform ANYONE by His grace if we trust Him, no matter how we view ourselves or our past. We can follow Rahab’s example and show our faith by listening to and obeying God’s word.

Week 7

Strengthened By Faith

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges you face in life? Do you wish you had more faith and strength to overcome them? In this message, we learn from Gideon, a man who went from fear to faith, and see how God can do the same for us. 

Week 8

Surrounded By Faith

Learn from the ultimate hero of faith, Jesus Christ, who redefined what it means to be a hero and showed us the greatest love by laying down His life for us. Discover how we can follow His example and run with endurance the race God has set before us, keeping our eyes on Him.