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Welcome to Central Australia

A New Church Where

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

New To Central?

We are a church of authentic imperfect people where "It is Okay to not be Okay", but you don't have to stay that way. Come as you are, you are already welcome here. This is a no-judgement zone where you belong before you even come along. We don't have all of this figured out! We are just broken people, working life out - with Jesus as our source.

A Place for New Beginnings

We acknowledge the reality that life doesn’t always turn out as planned.. Sometimes personal decisions are made that take us to difficult circumstances, sometimes those circumstances are entirely beyond our control. The good news is that there is a place for you at Central Church. A place for you to find your people, get help for you and your family and move forward from where you are to where you want to be.