To Greater Love

August 21, 2022


Week 4

To Greater Life

What can give you a greater life? Do you need to cut loose and enjoy yourself more? Or is it time to clean up those bad habits? According to Jesus, the answer is His grace. As you follow Him, you move from ‘stumbling in the dark’ to walking with ‘the light that leads to life.’ Jesus leads the way to a greater life.

Week 5

To Greater Freedom

Following Jesus often means leaving other things behind. The Bible records three people who had the chance to move toward a better life, but instead got lost in excuses. In this message, we’re encouraged to release the things that hold us back from the greater freedom found in Jesus.

Week 1

To a Greater Purpose

A tax collector named Matthew was stuck in a life he didn’t want until the day Jesus spoke the words, “follow me.” Jesus not only offered friendship, but also the chance to live for something more. Jesus still wants to lead His people, and His church, into a greater purpose.

Week 2

To Greater Satisfaction

“How can I get even more than what I have?” When Jesus is asked this question, He responds, “follow me.” Jesus can lead us into greater satisfaction, but not before He teaches us what true riches look like.