I Believe I Have a Home

November 19, 2023


Week 1

I Believe In God

Our beliefs can lift us up or hold us back. In this message, we are encouraged that even when it feels like the worst is on the way, with God, the best is yet to come.

Week 2

I Believe I Have an Unseen Advantage

Struggles can make you feel like the odds are stacked against you, but the Bible declares that the Holy Spirit gives Christ followers an unseen advantage. In this message we are encouraged by the beliefs: ‘God helps me,’ and ‘God goes before me.’

Week 3

I Believe God Will Make a Way

Sometimes it’s hard to see a way forward through our frustration, but God can make a way even when there seems to be no way. In this message we are reminded that even when you feel done, God is not done with you.

Week 4

I Believe Jesus Will Return

Thinking about the end times can fill people with dread, but Jesus’s return is about a new beginning. In this message we are encourage by His words to keep calm and stay focused on what matters.