Growing Together

March 5, 2023


Week 3

Before and After “I Do”

Happily-ever-after isn’t some idea from Fairy Tales, nor does it happen by accident. Happily-ever-after is a choice. It’s a choice to serve and meet your spouse’s deepest emotional needs.

Week 4

Dealing With Conflict

Every relationships has drama. In this message, we learn four healthy ways to deal with conflict so that we can shift from just winning the fight to winning the other person’s heart.

Week 1

Love Is A Crazy Thing

What do love, sex and intimacy have to do with God? Everything. In this series, we explore the Song of Solomon and draw out principles for relationships that can bring health and hope whether you are single, dating or married.

Week 2

The Dating Game

Dating isn’t just how you find someone, it’s how you keep someone. In this message, we explore why dating before and after marriage is so important to keep love growing and thriving.