God Is Still Good

October 31, 2021


Week 4

God is Still Gracious

In this message we find hope in the undeserved favor of God. His grace not only rescues us from past mistakes, it restores us a brand new life. We are rescued to be rescuers.

Week 3

God Is Still Moving

People say, “seeing is believing,” but God often works behind the scenes. In this message, we explore the life to Esther to discover the ways God is moving even when it feels like He is missing.

Week 1

God Is Still Powerful

Life can leave us discouraged, but God wants to fill us with hope. Even though we will face challenges, His promises are always more powerful than our problems.

Week 5

God Is Still Victorious

Giant obstacles can leave us feeling defeated, but the story of David and Goliath reminds us that God can turn the valley of defeat into the valley of victory.