Fight For Your Body

May 26, 2024


Week 1

Fight For Your Heart

In life's ongoing struggle, it's crucial to guard your heart and make choices that align with your values, like confessing, forgiving, celebrating others, and being generous, to stay on the right path and live well.

Week 2

Fight For Your Purpose

Finding assurance in God's calling and qualifications empowers us to face life's challenges with confidence, knowing that our purpose is rooted in His plan and guidance. Embracing obedience to God's leading, even in moments of doubt, allows us to fulfill our calling and experience His transformative work in our lives.

Week 3

Fight For Your Mind

Transforming your mind can change your life, so ground yourself in uplifting truths and persist in positive, purposeful thoughts. By embracing faith and confronting negative beliefs, you can break free from mental chains and live with hope and resilience.