Expect God’s Compassion

January 10, 2021


Week 5

Expect God’s Faithfulness

The Bible often compares God to a rock: something that is firm and unchanging. We see this same quality in a story where two faithful friends help Moses hold up his staff during a long battle. God wants us to know that He is not only compassionate, gracious, patient and loving, He is also consistent. When we trust in His goodness (even when times are hard), we show Him our faithfulness as well.

Week 2

Expect God’s Favor

God describes himself as full of grace. This means you’re sure to receive His undeserved favor. We see an example of grace in the story of Jacob. He returns home to face his brother Esau, who years earlier Jacob had cheated out of a birthright blessing. Instead of receiving punishment, Jacob is welcomed and honored. Grace gives you more than you deserve.

Week 4

Expect God’s Loyal Love

Love can be a fickle thing that comes and goes, but God loves you with a long-term, loyal love. We see this play out on the life of Joseph. Even when Jospeh is at his lowest, God’s loyal love is working all things together for a greater good. God never forgets His people. He will not abandon you in the hard times.

Week 3

Expect God’s Patience

Many people struggle with patience or a bad temper, but not God. Even though He is committed to justice, He is also slow to become angry. We see this play out in a scene between God and the prophet Jonah. Jonah actually gets angry at God’s lack of anger! Even when you lose patience, God is patient with you.