Week 1

The Bonus of Gratitude

The Christmas Season offers us all a spiritual bonus of great joy. In this message we are encouraged to give thanks so we don’t miss the miracle of what Jesus has already done.

Week 2

The Bonus of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can change lives. Learn to adopt an unoffendable lifestyle, navigate disagreements respectfully, and embrace the freedom that comes with letting go of past hurts.

Week 3

The Bonus of Spiritual Blessings

People often seek God’s blessing, but according to Ephesians God has already given us every spiritual blessing. In this message we’re encouraged to see ourselves as God sees us: loved, chosen, and forgiven.

Week 4

The Bonus of Heaven

When we follow Jesus, we can hold to the Christmas Bonus of heaven, where we will enjoy His place and presence for all eternity. In this message we will not only look at the Bible’s promises of heaven, but also how we can live a life of purpose here on earth with heaven as our motivation.